It means you appreciate the details, the nuances, and subtleties of your craft. It says that in a manic world that designs everything to be faster, you’re not afraid to slow down, to focus, to plan, and to trust yourself when you press the shutter. That makes you odd; but once you find the rest of us misfits who share your passion, you’ve found a family.

True, it’s film that brings the family of FIND together, but it’s just the beginning of what bonds us together. FIND is a family, FIND is an idea, FIND is a new pattern of thinking. Above all else, though, Film is Not Dead is about finding one’s clear and undeniably unique voice. There is nothing more important to an artist than his or her voice—it’s truly the only thing that any one of us can uniquely possess. And because of such, we can own the same camera, shoot the same stock of film, even attend the same workshops and know that every image is going to bear the mark of the individual artist who shot it.

The FIND workshop is a match, not a wildfire. And at the end of it, it’s up to you to magnify that flame in your life and career—but now with a community of brothers and sisters rooting for you, cheering on your successes and acting as a resource for you to continue your FIND experience. That’s ultimately what makes FIND special: the continual guidance in terms of advice, education, critiques, compliments, and encouragement—because we know that the success of the individual is the success of the family.

He’s loud, he’s funny, he’s an open book in every sense of the word—even down to the fact that he’s now a published author. There is no mask on his beliefs or on his emotions and he’s not afraid to let his voice be heard. His unyielding expression of his vision and his tireless pursuit of capturing the light in people and in life have endeared his images to the photography community.

Although he is a giant advocate of film photography, Jon’s true passion is his family. Jon, his beautiful and talented wife, Callie, and their six kids live in Hauula, Hawaii. Jon’s home and family is the primary feature and expression of joy—and source of inspiration—in his personal work.

Photo by Allison Cox—Film Is Not Dead attendee (2008, O‘ahu)

You will learn insightful business techniques and be challenged to work harder and more passionately. You will be pushed to refine your vision and develop your own voice in your images.

You will work hard and most likely play hard. You will eat a ton of good food and see amazing sites while photographing beautiful people. This, although above and beyond the standard, is to be expected. What may not be anticipated, however, is that you will also leave FIND with a new family.

The journey that the fifteen of you (14 attendees and Jon) will undertake will bond you together as you take the things learned at FIND and apply them in your career. You will find that you have a support group, a cheering section, and mentors accompanying you in your career from that point on. People have stated that the food alone nearly warrants the cost of tuition, that the Film is Not Dead workbook is worth the cost alone, and that the information learned in three jam-packed days is career altering...

• Three days of training

• 10 rolls of Kodak film in either 35mm or 120 format

• 40 page workbook, printed and assembled in premium albums by Artifact Uprising, includes a DVD containing all the information covered in the lectures and demo sessions

• Breakfast and lunch for all three days

• Lodging is offered and recommended for the best FIND experience, but not required.

• Professional headshot from Jon delivered after the workshop

(It does not include airfare, ground transportation, accommodations, or evening meals.)

Once the retainer is paid you will gain immediate access to the Film is Not Dead Forum and Facebook group as well as the FIND lab.

Workshops are limited to 14 participants each in order to ensure that each attendee receives as much personal instruction as possible.

A $500 non-refundable retainer is required to reserve your spot.

The balance is due one month before the workshop. Current college students and photographers from the same studio receive a 20% discount.

* All payments are non-refundable. In case of cancellation, you may find someone to take your spot.

• FILM: Who, What, When, Why, and How?

• Learning to Love Family Formals

• Storytelling Through Details

• Making Every Event Publishable

• Getting Published

• Instaproofs: How it will CHANGE your life!

• On- and Off-Camera Flash with Film

• Posing

• The Power of a Blog

• How to Define Your Voice

Topics may change due to participant input

9:00 – 9:30: Breakfast*

9:30 – 10:30: Group Critique

10:30 – 11:00: Break

11:00 – 2:00: Lecture

2:00 – 3:00: Lunch*

3:00 – 6:00: Hands-on Shoot

* These meals will be provided and are included in the cost of tuition

Tuesday: Bride & Groom and Engagement Sessions with three different couples

Wednesday: Family Portrait Sessions with two different families

Thursday: Personal Work


I have known Jonathan from two perspectives, as his client and as his student. I once sat as a callow bride-to-be before Jonathan and asked, “Why film?”

Upon searching for a wedding photographer I asked some friends for suggestions. I made it clear that I needed an Ace. “Jonathan Canlas” was of course the response. I had the pleasure of working with Jonathan from a clientʼs seat, then as a fellow photographer. I have seen both sides of Jonathan and I can say that the Man is an absolute Genius.

After the first day of the Workshop, I called my fabulous husband and said, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I am frightened to think of having not attended. I feel like my life is changing.” I felt like gravity no longer applied to me. I felt pure delight during every moment of lecture and shooting. Jonathan answered all of my questions and left me blown away at his prowess. A veil of ignorance, having long loomed over me, obscuring my vision, quickly slipped away, like a master pulling a cloth out from beneath a house of cards.

I have often read comments on The Blog that praise Jonathanʼs artistic ability and nonpareil vision. What people fail to realize is that this man is a double-edged sword! His stunning talent is equal to his business sagacity. I have been in the arts for a very long time and I have met many talented artists whose abilities sink into anonymity for the sole reason that they are not business people. Talent, unfortunately, does not always add up to success. Jonathan has bridged the gap between artistic genius and business know-how. Jonathan is a business Mastermind. He shared key insights that were nothing short of brilliant.

The information obtained at Jonathanʼs workshop was astounding. Crisp, clear, simple and yet revolutionary. My fingers felt arthritic as I frantically typed his every word. The Film is Not Dead Workshop is nothing short of life-changing. His seminar was a tornado of life-changing information, sweeping us to greater heights.

As Jonathanʼs pictures have a “Thatʼs so Canlas” quality to them, I had expected to learn a mountain about his style of composition, his manner of posing. I was delighted and surprised by Jonathanʼs goal, to help us discover our own style. He wanted us to refine our visions, and he gave us the tools to soar from there.

Jonathanʼs manner of teaching reminded me of economics. In economics, there is no one set subject, rather a vast array of tools to help one find answers to questions. Put yourself in the hands of a true master, and watch with wonder at what will unfold before you.


We’ll examine my painful pricing progress, take a closer look at the profitability killers that almost cost me my family, and walk through my fourteen-to-eighteen hour workday, circa 2004.

In this guide, I open my books, my bank account, and my film archives to highlight all the mistakes I’ve made in business so you can avoid making them yourself. I tell you how I priced my first wedding (hint: a bride’s father chose the number) and how I grew my business by leaps and bounds without being any more profitable. That’s the fate what I want to save you from: business without profitability.

I’ve been a digital photographer for many years, and on Jonathan’s advice I had tried out the Contax 645 and Fuji 400H (one of his primary go-to combinations) before, with miserable results. I thought if I had the camera and film Jon used, and I metered correctly in camera, the photos would be perfect. Yeah, not so much. Thankfully as I read through this book, I was able to pinpoint at least 4-5 things I had done wrong and could fix in the future. When I finished the book pretty much all my questions were answered and now I am ready to start shooting!

— Stacey Reeves

What Jonathan has done is create a resource for a dying breed—film photography. Except this isn’t an eulogy or a nostalgic history of the medium; it’s a very contemporary, exciting, and extremely practical manual. I’m so grateful it exists. Concisely written, in no-nonsense street language, the book covers all the basics on cameras, film stock, metering, exposure, and developing film. This is perfect for me as a relative beginner with some experience in film.

— Maria Petrova

Jonathan has made the book EXTREMELY approachable for anyone who grew up or started shooting within the ‘digital age’—techniques such as proper metering with a light meter (a MUST for ANY type of photographer, but often overlooked amongst digital shooters) and learning and knowing your film stock, as well as encouragement to use film to help develop your personal voice and style, make this book an EASY 5 stars, and a GREAT go-to for anyone interested in learning about or shooting film. The many samples of Jonathan’s work sprinkled thru out the book give a real sense of films unique look and feel—all described well and within reason.

— John Bodnar

This exquisitely bound and printed book falls somewhere between a reference manual and an art photography book. Written from the perspective of Jonathan Canlas, this book comes off as a casual conversation with Canlas on the best way to approach shooting film in a digital world. Lots of great information for even the most experienced film shooters with tons of gorgeous photos to illustrate the techniques and approaches. Great color reproductions of Canlas’ photos ranging from Eggleston like observations to Avedon fueled portraits. Top notch.

— Barry Phipps

In Jonathan’s book there truly is no such thing as a stupid question, he covers them all. I’m a digital photographer trying to dive head first into the film world and this book gave me confidence. I read all 280-ish pages in a one 3 hour sitting, eating up every bit. Not only is the book super informational, Jonathan adds his own humor here and there, giving you a laugh while learning. It covers everything from metering, camera bodies, film, loading, rules, resources and SO much more!

— Cassidy Brooke

This book was supremely helpful in helping me marry concepts that were foreign to me. A great no nonsense straightforward guide to the basics with even more suggestions on actual equipment and film to purchase. Lot’s of biased opinion from him but that’s exactly what you are paying for because his work is stunning!

— Joy Bailey

I’ve been looking at Jonathan’s pictures on his blog for a while now and they’re amazing. So when this book came along I pre-ordered it immediately and I’m very glad I did. The beautiful pictures will make you want to grab a film camera immediately. The straightforward explanations will guarantee a result that you’ll be proud of. I’ve been a photographer for over 30 years, and there’s a lot of info in this book I didn’t know. For example, how Fuji and Kodak films react when overexposed (completely differently from each other). Highly recommended for those new to film and former film shooters.

— Gordon Ray

Just got this book in the mail today and read that thing back to front tonight… and this is from the chick who’s husband makes fun of her for never finishing a book. ;-) Hey, what can i say? I’d rather take photos. But a book about shooting film—now that is irresistible. It was awesome, inspiring, and just freaking great. Thanks Jon, you rock!

— Jenny Moloney

This book is all kinds of awesome! All the info I need to hone my craft and become great.

This book is so well written and and beautiful everyone should own one.

— Meikel Reece

After following Jonathan’s blog and reading his responses on Twitter I knew this was going to be an awesome book! They go into depth about gear, film and how to use all of it! I got my copy in the mail and did not go to bed until I had the entire thing! I actually started reading it again to take notes on all of the knowledge given. If you are a film shooter this book is just as important to you as a light meter is to your film capture. The tone this book is written in is more of a conversation than a lecture which you find from some books. I could go on and on about this book but I would hate to delay you from recieving this book. So click the order button and get this gem sent to your doorstep ASAP!

— BrandonJPhoto

As soon as I started reading it I immediately ordered a second for my husband and a third for my associate. This book will change EVERYTHING. I’m NOT a technical person and yet I am eating this up and finally understanding on a deeper level things that I just couldn't before. This beauty is stunning enough to be a coffee table book but robust enough to base a college course around. I’m blown away.

— Lindsay Frietas

This book provides an absolutely firm start to shooting film. It is a must have for beginners and a great read even if you think you know it all. Beautiful images in this book bring more life to the words. I have not found any other books that concisely and effectively convey information about shooting film. Buy it, read it, and be inspired to shoot more film!

— dmanning

Thank you for your interest in Film is Not Dead. We hope that we’ve provided enough info here to help you get rolling. If you still have any other questions, or maybe just need a bit more convincing, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Also, check out Film is Not Dead on Facebook and Twitter.


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